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Company Profile

LEUCCI COSTRUZIONI Spa is a Metalworking manufacturing:
- Towers for wind turbine generators
- Evaporators for desalination plants
- Hastelloy coating of medium and large diameter pipes
- Desulphurisation plants
- GPL storage tanks
- Heat exchanger and condenser
- Medium and large diameter pipeline
- Process piping
- Drums, reactors, tanks, columns, vessels and process equipment
- Filters and de-gassers
- Fixed top tanks (vessels)
- Process skids

The company was founded in 1961, in the industrial area of Brindisi, and has had a considerable development, due to the important activities of prefabrication and erection for the Petrochemical plant of Brindisi; it includes:
- Metal structures and carpentry;
- Process and transfer piping;
- Tanks;
- Pressure columns and vessels;
- Heat exchangers;
- Revamping and maintenance

From 1974, once finished the plants within the new industrial plant, the company looked for new space in the national market, taking part in important projects, in the energy sector, for Enel and their Thermoelectric power stations of:
- Rossano Calabro;
- North Brindisi;
- Tavazzano;
- Porto Tolle;
- Sermide;
- Monfalcone;

For the above-mentioned plants Leucci Costruzioni manufactured the following components:
- piping for circulating water (diam. > 2.000 mm) for setting and wasting;
- low pressure cycle vessels;
- air, water and several facilities for low pressure cycle;

For the North Brindisi Enel Power Station, Leucci also carried out the prefabrication and erection of:
- 1 & 2 Groups electrical precipitators for fume ashes
- low ash conveyer plant
- heavy ash conveyer plant

In 1986 Leucci Costruzioni joint FOCHI Spa Group of Bologna and began to supply important projects for the South Brindisi Enel Power Station, which included:
- setting and wasting piping for circulating water (diam. 3.200 mm.)
- coal bunkers
- fume conduits
- Wall Papering System Hastelloy internal coating of fume conduits
- 1÷4 group low pressure cycles
- tanks
- limestone storage bins (o vessels o tanks)
- 1 ÷ 4 group desox plants (scrubber and prescrubber)
- waste treatment plant

At the same time, Leucci carried out important supplies for the Brindisi Petrochemical plant, the most important of these were:
- Metal structures for cryogenic plant
- 5000 mc tanks
- Cracking plant columns (diam. 3.000 mm; h= 40 m)
- Ethylene plant pipe rack
- Cracking furnace transfer line
- Mud treatment biological plant

Other important projects completed in Italy and abroad, include:
- 320 MW register beams in Fakkara (India)
- Industrial plant process piping in Trecate (Novara - Italy)
- Industrial plant air cooler in Australia
- GPL storage tanks (no. 4 for overall 2.000 mc) in Montalto Uffugo (Cosenza - Italy)
- Agip oil refinery heat exchangers in Taranto (Italy)
- De-salination plant evaporators, C.A, B.H. and de-aerator in Mifra (E.A.U.)
- Plant tanks in Siria
- Skid pumps for Nuovo Pignone
- Enel Power station fixed top tanks in Termini Imerese
- GPL storage tank (no. 4 for overall 2.000mc) in Sannicandro (BA)
- Boilers external piping in Zaharani
- Boilers external piping in Beddarwi
- De-salination plant evaporators, C.A, B.H and de-aerator in Shariah (E.A.U.)
- C.S. & S.S. process piping (500 t nearly) in Amoco Chemical Belgium

Beginning from 1998 Leucci Costruzioni, after a company restructure, carried out most important projects in renewable energy (wind towers, de-salination plants), pressure vessels and heat exchanger, process piping, complex structures, service and plants maintenance, that place Leucci Costruzioni as leader of national and european metalworking market.

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